Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Shooting Batkid in Real Time!

No Second Takes. 
"The most important thing about shooting Batkid was that it had to be done in real time in order to keep the experience authentic for five year old Miles. No second takes. That meant all the actors had to hit their marks and deliver their lines perfectly, all the cameras (3 Canon C-300s, 2 Go Pros and numerous roving cameras) had to be in place, and all the special effects including the pyrotechnics had to be done live once and only once."

The 32 Ten Studios & Crew was Awesome!

"We had to get it right the first time and the crew was on it. Several scouts with both actors and crew gave us an awesome shooting plan. Geoff Heron of 32 Ten Studios is absolute star.  He has the credits (Mission Impossible, Pearl Harbor, Pirates of the Caribbean), the chops, but above all else he super into doing it for the right reasons. As the director I knew that this was going to be a very complex shoot to execute - live action executed in real time all over San Francisco complicated by huge crowds and over 30 news crews from about the world - and I needed a team that could execute flawlessly. Geoff and my entire crew all exceeded my expectations. I know I could count on them. Good guys to team up with on the Batkid experience. It was an adventure."

John Crane, Director
Eli Adler, DP
Isaac Seigel-Bottner, Camera
Jacob Seigel-Bottner, Camera
Christopher Couglin, Audio Tech
Geoff Heron, Practical Effects Supervisor
Sean House, Practical Effects Assistant
Damian Lucas, Gaffer
Juan Ruiz, PA
Eric Paulsen, PA
Anand Varma, Go Pro
Ian Williamson, Roving Camera

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