Monday, November 18, 2013

Wish Kid Becomes Batkid Filmed By John Crane Films "Spontaneity is Highly Overrated!"

"On the very first day,  as I sat with Make A Wish and first heard of Miles Scott's wish to be Batman for a day I said, thinking of all the logistics for filming such a huge production - "spontaneity is highly overrated..." And we all rolled up our sleeves and got busy. Planning a shoot is easy; taking over a whole city - not so easy - but Make A Wish can do anything as they soon proved.

Being part of the stellar Make A Wish team was not only an incredible experience but a smash hit! A lot of work. And a lot of fun. Amongst other things having a Police Escort for the caravans makes navigating and parking in SF a breeze - highly recommended. Hats off to SFPD and Police Chief Greg Suhr who is a fantastic actor in addition to being an outstanding Chief of Police." 

- Director John Crane 

After months of planning "Wish Kid Becomes Batkid" finally became a reality on November 15th and took San Francisco and the World by storm. John Crane Films was hired by Make A Wish Greater Bay Area to stage and shoot the action. Armed with a crew of 12, 3 Canon C-300s, 2 Go-Pros and numerous roving cameras they hit the streets in San Francisco with a police escort caravan and filmed caper after caper.

Over 89 million media impressions were made before the day was done and more than 15,000 people attended the celebration. 32 Ten Studios handled the pyro and special effects which included smoke for the Bat mobile to emerge from the Bat Cave - a shot that was widely used by media around the world including ABC. Not seen yet by the media and are the Riddler blowing up the City's Vault and the Penguin setting off a huge explosion at to thwart Batman and Batkid.

Geoff Heron and Mike Jutan at the tech Scout. 

Director John Crane worked with 32 Ten Studio's Geoff Heron, Practical Effects Editor, and owner Greg Maloney to create key moments in the video now in extensive post production at John Crane Films.
The Penguin Umbrella triggers cues the action.

Go Pro of the explosion. 

SFPD Police Chief, Greg Suhr, read scripts written and shot by
John Crane Films. A very talented actor and Police Chief. 

Bat Kid fist pump at City Hall

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