Friday, June 19, 2015

Warner Brothers LA Screening a Success!

Our Warner Brothers | New Line Cinema Hollywood screening of Batkid Begins was a huge success on June 17th. As one WB exec noted "there are not many feel good docs." So if we can find an audience it should do extremely well. Proud to be Executive Producer on it, of course.
In theaters in LA, NY & SF on June 26th!

Hollywood Special Screening of Batkid

Warner Brothers | New Line Cinema is holding a Special Screening of Batkid Begins with Red Carpet and Reception to follow on June 17th in LA! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Warner Bros | New Line Cinema Nabs Our Batkid Begins Documentary Distribution Rights Worldwide

Today Warner Bros | New Line Cinema announced that they have acquired the rights to Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Around The World. They have Worldwide Distribution rights as well as the rights to produce a narrative film based on the documentary. Julia Roberts will produced and star in the narrative film.

Proceeds go to the charities and the Batkid Fund. 

Directed by Dana Nachman. Edited by Kurt Kuenne. Produced by Liza Meaks. Executive Producers Ian Reinhard & John Crane.

John Crane Films produced & directed the original Batkid: The Official Make-A-Wish Story, and provided original footage shoot before and during the Batkid Event held in San Francisco on November 15th, 2013. 

His footage was shot by a crew of 12 and included all the Batkid and Batman capers, interviews with the family, Patricia Wilson,Make-A-Wish CEO, Greg Suhr Police Chief SFPD, EJ Johnston Batman, as well as Chief Police's Call To Action written and shot in advance of the event, and scouting footage and at the Circus Center. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

The adrenaline of a good idea....

Do people like their own ideas best?


Do the best ideas simply become your own?

Great ideas grab deep emotions that inspire action. They offer solutions to problems that are consciously or unconsciously bubbling just below the surface. Great ideas offer hope and inspiration. And they give you satisfaction. They resolve dilemmas. They often appear like magic - even in your sleep - crystallizing in an instant. And they are universally, lovingly welcomed. And although they can be hard to come by, you know one the second you see it.

People love journeys.

People love discoveries - especially their own discovery. They love a surprise, adventure, new things, novel ideas, and they like drawing their own conclusions. So instead of being told what to do, people prefer to be nudged, not dragged. Spoken to, not lectured at.  They like journeys instead of commutes; old found objects because they are new in their own novel way; and living a life they invented instead of molded.


There are a lot of moving parts in a film and to create one you have to be good at many things. You have to be adept at being multifaceted. Polishing a script, tweaking HD, trimming lights, and finessing the final sound design. Adding the right words and modifiers in a script are as critical as the right notes or sfx level in a soundtrack. Attention to detail is how you create mood, tug on the emotions, make a story larger than life...and connect in a way so natural that it all makes sense because this is how you think. This is the way it should be. This is how you would do it. This is how you can do it.

The best ideas make you believe it was your idea. And maybe it would have been, if you had thought of it.  But that's where our job comes in. We make you think about it.

This is what we do.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Over 805,000 views on YouTube!

Batkid: The Official Make-A-Wish Story has now been viewed over 805,000 times on YouTube which is pretty impressive since the video was available all over the web! 

Produced and directed by John Crane Films with a crew of 12. It's great that the original video and, of course, the documentary Batkid Begins have received so much attention and support for the charities associated with Make-A-Wish and the Batkid Fund. 

It took months to plan, scout and shoot "Wish Kid Becomes Batkid" which finally became a reality on November 15th and took San Francisco and the world by storm! The Batkid: The Official Make-A-Wish Story was released in January 2014. 
Hitting the streets in San Francisco with a police escort they filmed caper after caper in real time in order to keep the experience authentic for five year old Miles. There were no second takes. The characters, the coordination team and everyone involved had to make it great the first time. All of the cameras had to be in place, and all the special effects including the pyrotechnics had to be done live once and only once.

John Crane Films

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