Saturday, January 24, 2015

Julia Roberts to Produce and Star in Batkid Movie

The big news for Batkid is that Julia Roberts has bought the rights to our Batkid Begins documentary which is also debuting today at Slamdance in Park City, UT.

The news has been reported in Variety, People Magazine, USA Today, ABC News, and just about everywhere else.

Julia Roberts will produce and star in her feature adaptation of Batkid Begins directed by Dana Nachman with John Crane as Executive Producer and Story Consultant.

It features all the original footage shot by John Crane Films and his crew of 12 on the Day of Batkid and events leading up to the official day.

John Crane was the Director, Writer and Editor for Batkid: The Official Make-A-Wish Story and is
Executive Producer & Story Consultant for the documentary Batkid Begins.

John Crane, Director
Eli Adler, DP
Isaac Seigel-Bottner, Camera
Jacob Seigel-Botner, Camera
Chris Coughlin, Audio / Tech
Geoff Heron, Practical Effects Supervisor
Sean House, Practical Effects Supervisor
Damian Lucas, Gaffer
Juan Ruiz, PA
Eric Paulsen, PA
Anand Varma, Go Pro Wrangler
Ian Williamson, Roving Camera

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